Saturday, May 31, 2014

a different direction

Well maybe not so new...but somewhat so:

Hard to articulate what's going on here since it's only days old. The subject matter is the same I've been working with for past couple of months, but here the process is even more evident and layered. There's almost a rough-hewn quality to the painting. The green is inspired, I am sure, by the bright new- leaf  growth on the trees outside  my studio window. Paintings do have a way of staying in sync with the seasons.

Studio window overlooking Charles River and Moody Street, Waltham, MA (and Brandeis in the distance!)

I checked my "list of references" post from 1/29/14 about repeated themes in the work, to see how many are still at play: 

Cartoon influence:Yes, still see this in current work.

The body: Yes, still see this reference.

The landscape: For sure see reference...more so, even.

The studio: Not so much. This might be the difference between painting during winter vs. late spring.

Past tendency of exposing painting panel at edges: Yes, this theme remains an interest, takes different guises. I think it also has to do with my over-arching interest in silhouetted form.

Another variation on the same theme is below, from earlier in the spring--a de-saturated, overall
simpler version. Something different it has from the painting above-- a sense of buoyancy.