Monday, February 18, 2013

Describing Geometry

I recently had a studio visit from two painters, each of whose work I really respect. A comment during the visit has stayed with me. It was about how the radiating marks in my newest paintings,"describe the dimensions of the panel."

I've been aware of this as a recurring tendency for a while, but it is helpful to hear someone else find a way to articulate it.


I later thought that this sort of modular formation (pictured above) begins to describe the dimensions and geometry of the space.

Apflebaum, floor piece (at top), Morris, felt piece (at bottom).

Above is a shot of my studio wall  where two images of work by artists I admire that have hung longer than any other of the handful I have up. For a long time I couldn't make a connection between these works and mine.  But now that I see the theme of describing dimensions, or geometry, as central to the work itself (and importantly, how it dictates outcome) I am beginning to see a link.

detail, Polly Apfelbaum, floor piece

detail, Robert Morris, felt piece.