Saturday, September 1, 2012

Groupings/The Space Between

 I've been thinking for a while about how the installation of paintings--specifically grouping work at close proximity-- activates otherwise autonomous pieces in a way to create something new. Above, paintings are stacked with a small space between them.

 Below,  four paintings butted up next to one another.
 The same grouping with a bit of space between each.
 I prefer the first version of this quartet--there is a tension created by the forms in each discrete work seemingly pushing up against each other. It's also somewhat awkward, which I like.

 I've "framed" the four paintings with a background of reddish- brown painted on the wall. A somewhat random choice, as I was working with a selection of  latex paints from a give-away pile of an artist leaving our building. Ideally I was thinking of a sort of sap green (or hot pink?), but this works, for now.

This pairing  makes me think of mirror images and repeat patterns. When grouped as multiples the presentation becomes somewhat sculptural-- I am more aware of the dimensions of the panels-- and not just the images alone--which is what I want to have happen with these.
Then again,  not all pairings work out. Above, the top painting is quite articulated. The bottom piece--the direction I want to go in--is less so. It's a stand-alone piece, at least for now, and my favorite of the summer. (It is also the same painting, different incarnation, as the top one in the "mirror image/repeat pattern" photo above.)
Fall Update: Here's the next phase of pairs--something kaleidoscopic occurring in latest work--and not just because this is a blurry pic. But that helps!