Monday, June 24, 2013

What It Is And What It Isn't

The process of making these latest paintings is

somewhat performative-- they are completed in one

shot. The work is concerned with ideas surrounding

 construction of a painting-- 

ideas of composition,  color, and

 imagery-- examined  by

setting up situations determined largely

by chance.
 Leaving certain factors or variables to chance frees up focus for the process/performance, i.e. the application of paint--the brushstroke-- including attention to the tendencies of the medium itself.

 Since working back into a painting once a resting

point has been arrived at is inconsistent

with the notion of relying on chance, the painting 

is either wiped down (often leaving a halo of color

which carries onto and made part of the next

effort), or left to stand as is. Determining what's successful

 becomes the place where

taste, or a reaction to what has occurred by

chance, comes into play and propels the process