Friday, July 13, 2012

Trippy: Of Studio Time and Dehydration Headaches

I've been sitting in my studio on day two of a dehydration headache, which maybe I should credit-- in the way they say insight can be had during fevers or sweat lodge visits-- with allowing me to see the central axis, or cross form, which shows up super-consistently in my work. I had never noticed it so clearly before. The horizontal axis is formed both by the house imagery and the stripes  used to suggest sky and earth. The tree form, particularly where it intersects with the house, creates the vertical axis to create the cross.

I often employ a sort of  "superstructure" within which I paint these images. Frequently I've used a sort of bubble- X form (see below).

 It occurs to me that it's another an kind of cross.

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  1. The headache sounds bad, but the resulting insights about your work are great.